There are a multitude of mission and operating needs that necessitate campus visits by members beyond the university community. 

General Guidelines for Campus Visitors

  • Masks must be worn at all times—indoors and outdoors. 
  • Please observe state of Washington physical distancing and face-covering requirements.
  • Please limit your stay and avoid traveling or gathering in groups greater than five persons.
  • Do not enter university buildings without a scheduled appointment.
  • Avoid gathering or conducting activities on pedestrian pathways or near building entrances. 


Guidelines for Scheduled Campus Visits by Vendors and Invited Guests

Campus visits may occur outdoors if in compliance with outdoor COVID-19 behavior signage, as well as other government requirements and university guidance.

Visitors to indoor spaces require pre-approval by appropriate division representatives. Visitor hosts should use procedures described below. Ad hoc approaches can be used for unique needs, such as welcoming new students and families; however, such approaches should include advance prevention measure communications, requests to self-screen on the day of visits, and appropriate on-site visitor monitoring.

Visitor guidelines, procedures, and document descriptions:

  • A letter or email should be sent to visitors in advance of the visit day(s). Download a draft correspondence Word document. T document can be customized by host individuals/departments, but must maintain the listed COVID-19 prevention measures.
  • Campus Visitor Health Self-Screening Report should be sent to visitors with the advance letter or email communication.
  • Hosts (and/or visitors) should complete a COVID-19 Visitor Log entry upon visitor arrival to campus. This process should include asking visitors if they completed a self-screening report prior to arrival. If visitors have not yet completed a report, they may do so on-site. The visit then can continue or must be canceled, according to log instructions. Departments, programs, and/or hosts should have electronic and/or hard copy self-screening reports and logs accessible at building greeting locations.

Visitation Needs and Oversight

Some departments and programs have more frequent needs to selectively host campus visits. That includes the Office of Admission, Logger athletics, and the Department of Human Resources. Other academic and nonacademic departments and programs have less frequent, but appropriate needs to facilitate visits. Campus visits by essential vendors and contractors also must be accommodated and managed.

The guidelines and procedures above address the following considerations:

  • The Governor’s Office requires higher education institutions to prohibit or limit campus visitors. 
  • The number and types of visitors must be limited to mitigate risks (similar to remote learning/work practices).
  • Visitors within buildings particularly must be limited and managed.
  • Campus community members use COVID-19 prevention measures, including daily self-screening and mask wearing.
  • Campus visits also require prevention measures (considering campus community measures).
  • Visitor management consistency supports a healthy environment for campus community members and visitors.

The provost and vice presidents have overall responsibility for managing visits within their areas of responsibility. They provide guidance for limiting visits to important mission and/or essential operating purposes. Limitations will vary over time relative to COVID-19 conditions and/or government and health department requirements and guidance. 

The provost and vice presidents may approve visits or delegate visitor approval authority to their department or program leaders.