When the decision is made to cancel class and/or campus activities or delay start during the night, Security Services will notify the Office of Communications, which will post the announcement on the university's home page. This decision and announcement are typically made between 4:30 and 5 a.m. Although the university's home page is the most reliable source of information, Security Services will also notify the Emergency Communication System (ECS), which posts announcements on the following radio and television stations:


  • KNKX FM 88.5
  • KMPS FM 94.1
  • KIRO AM 710
  • KIXI AM 880
  • KOMO AM 1000


  • KING TV 5
  • KIRO TV 7
  • KOMO TV 4

The university's home page should be consulted first if at all possible. Radio and television station announcements do not typically include information about return to the regular schedule.

Class cancellation or delayed start information will also be recorded by Security Services on the university weather closure/emergency voice message number 253.879.4900 and may be communicated via the emergency mass notification system (to campus member cell phones, text message, and/or other personal contact methods).

Please do not call Security Services for this information. Calls to Security Services should be of an emergency nature only. The Security staff does not know whether particular staff are to report for work.

When a decision to cancel or delay classes and/or activities is made during normal working hours, the Office of the Associate Deans will notify the Office of the President, the offices of each of the Vice Presidents, the Office of Communications, and the administrative offices in the Provost's area. The Vice President for Student Affairs, the Vice President for University Relations, the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and the Vice President for Enrollment will notify persons within their respective administrative units. Returning to the regular campus schedule will occur at the earliest opportunity. No announcement means normal operation.