When inclement weather leads to the decision to cancel or delay classes, administrative offices are closed except for the following offices during periods when students are in residence. These offices maintain at least minimum operation in order to serve and protect resident students: Security Services; Dining and Conference Services; Dean of Students; Library; Technology Services; Residential Life; Counseling, Health, and Wellness Services; recreation facilities; and Facilities Services. Inclement weather condition risks include snow and severe windstorms.

A plan for operation within all departments is needed before class cancellation/delayed start occurs. The unit administrator must develop the plan for his or her area and inform all faculty and staff of actions to take. The Vice Presidents and their administrative staff members are responsible

  1. for designating those functions within their areas involving faculty and staff that will be required to operate,
  2. for developing a plan of operation involving services which cannot be suspended or interrupted, and
  3. for communicating this plan to faculty and staff under their direction.

The plan will typically take into consideration whether students are in residence or when students are not in residence. The plan should include a telephone number within the department to be called by all staff members regarding emergency assignments. The telephone number may be staffed by a person or may provide voice mail message instructions. Department member emergency calling lists also should be utilized.