Puget Sound’s reputation and visibility are strengthened when we communicate about the college clearly and consistently. Our visual identity system ensures that our communications help advance Puget Sound’s story and look professional (and like they are coming from the same college!). The key elements are a logo, typography, and color. See Our Story: The Puget Sound Brand Guide or contact Creative Services for more details.


The primary graphic representation of Puget Sound includes our full name, founding date, and the mountain to provide consistency with our historic seal and reflect the pioneering spirit and enduring values of Puget Sound.

Please always size the logo proportionately by holding “shift” when you drag the corner of the logo or click the “keep aspect ratio.”

To download a logo, please contact the Office of Communications at communications@pugetsound.edu.

Primary Version: Stacked

This is the preferred version for all
Puget Sound communications.


Secondary Version: Horizontal

For use only when the primary version creates
difficulty with a layout or application.

Maroon Logo

It may be used only on white or neutral backgrounds with values lighter than or equal to 10 percent black.

Black Logo

It may be used on any uncluttered background with a value lighter than 30 percent black.

Reversed Logo

It may be used on color backgrounds or photos with a value of 60 percent black or more.

Clear Space

Clear space equal to the height of the mountain should be maintained on all sides of the logo. No other image or text should appear within the clear space.



The stacked logo should never be smaller than .625 inches wide. The horizontal logo should never be smaller than 1.125 inches wide.

Minimum Size Alternative

If it is not possible to use the logo even at minimum size, it is acceptable to type the college name as follows: Adobe Garamond Pro Semibold; tracking 50; all caps; black, PMS 188, or reversed if on color background; 7.5 pt. Minimum size. Creative Services can provide art for this treatment.

Additional Logos

Approved additional logos include Logger athletics, the comprehensive capital campaign, Slater Museum, and ASUPS. All other departments and programs should use the Puget Sound logo.

Master Identity System

To advance the visibility and reputation of Puget Sound, all departments and programs must use the college logo. The logo can be used in conjunction with a department name in a “lockup.” Logo lockups should be requested from Creative Services.

Primary Version Lockups

This is the most common lockup used for most Puget Sound departments.


There may be instances when one- or two-word department names can appear below the logo, set in all caps in Adobe Garamond Pro Semibold in a size that matches the logo's width.

Secondary Version Lockups

For use only when it is not possible to use the primary version. Type should be set in Adobe Garamond Pro except for logos requiring embroidery, in which case Univers 55 (shown) may be used.