We’re creating a campus culture committed to ending sexual violence. To combat sexual misconduct, we take all complaints and accusations of sexual misconduct seriously. Together, we can help prevent and respond to sexual misconduct.

Bystander Revolution Against Violence (BRAVe)

BRAVe aims to prevent sexual violence on our campus by facilitating programming to address issues of sexuality, gender, healthy relationships, and sexual assault prevention. Programs include awareness events, trainings, film screenings, and events like Take Back the Night.


Green Dot

Green Dot is a bystander training offered multiple times a semester. In order to measurably reduce the perpetration of power-based personal violence, including sexual violence, partner violence, or stalking, a cultural shift is necessary. Green Dot helps students take the first step of engaging in behavior that makes violence less sustainable and makes our campus a safer place.


Peer Allies

Peer Allies is a peer-to-peer student support group that provides a safe space for survivors of sexual violence. In addition to offering educational programming, Peer Allies are available to listen to and support students who have felt powerless.